A Guy Thing

Rated 2.0 A groom-to-be (Jason Lee) wakes up the morning after his bachelor party with a strange woman (Julia Stiles) in his bed who turns out to be (what a coincidence!) the cousin of his fiancee (Selma Blair). The premise is harmless enough, but the four-handed script (Greg Glienna, Pete Schwaba, Matt Tarses and Bill Wrubel) gives evidence of too many cooks. Gags and subplots misfire left and right, as either build-ups that don’t pay off or half-baked punch lines that come out of nowhere, and director Chris Koch just goes with the lurching flow of it all. Lee and Stiles have some good moments among the crude snickers. It’s especially nice to see Stiles let her hair down; she can give her head a little twitch and flash a playful smile, and suddenly the theater projector seems to be burning 100 watts brighter.