Kangaroo Jack

Rated 2.0 Louis Fucci (Barbershop’s Anthony Anderson) saved the life of Charlie Carbone (Scream 2’s Jerry O’Connell) during their childhood and never lets him forget it. Twenty years later, the bungling buddies stir up cop trouble in Brooklyn for Charlie’s mobster father-in-law (Christopher Walken) and are given one chance for redemption: Deliver $50,000 to a crime crony in the Australian wilderness or get fitted for cement boots. The money winds up in the pocket of a coat that Louis and Charlie put on a kangaroo as a lark. Jack the kangaroo bounds into the wilderness with Charlie, Louis, Sal’s goons, an Outback hit man, an American wildlife conservationist (Estella Warren really slumming here) and a drunken bush pilot all in pursuit in a ragged comedy that features much more lame slapstick action than bouncing beast.