Track your trucks

illustration by MARK STIVERS

Sacramento’s growing food-truck scene often presents rumbling bellies with choices: sandwiches, tacos or burgers. But you also have choices when it comes to tracking the food-filled vehicles. While there’s no single definitive website to pinpoint the locations of all the area’s trucks, three websites can help paint a more complete picture of the overall scene:, and SactoMoFo has a dynamic Facebook presence that often features an up-to-date calendar. Foodmob also posts events on its Facebook page and specializes in multitruck gatherings, or “food mobs.” occasionally posts its own events and features personal commentary from page owner Catherine Enfield, who also blogs at All three sites post food-truck location updates on a nearly daily basis, plus fliers, news, photos and food-related links. Visit all three—and then make sure you check out their corresponding Facebook and Twitter pages—to keep yourself well-fed with food-truck knowledge.