What separates Tindersticks from the diaspora of indie-rock droners is the subtle beauty of Dickon Hinchliffe’s vocal delivery. With his deep, warbling voice, a certain sense of warmth and comfort resonates throughout this lovely affair. Although not as clearly focused as earlier efforts (see their first Bar/None or their last London release), Can Our Love… has some fleeting moments. From the opening track, “Dying Slowly,” to the lovely (yet short) “Tricklin’,” Tindersticks explore a range of dynamics and simplicity not often heard in today’s attempts at melancholy. If the title track doesn’t make you contemplate the four-letter word all over, you may want to get out a little more. If Nick Cave’s darkest years met with the most meandering moments of traditional R&B Tindersticks would be the offspring. Oooh, what a pair.