Freight Train Riders of America

Perhaps it would be hyperbolic to exclaim that Freight Train Riders of America is the most interesting band to come out of Sacramento in the past 10 years. A folk-bluegrass answer to speed metal, FTRA is now captured on not one but three four-song CDs, each self-produced and released. The FTRA discs capture much of the band’s live magic: four-part harmony vocals, most of them many miles per hour over the speed limit, and acoustic instrumentation along the lines of bass, guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle. Standouts are “Weeds” from Out on That Farm, the more laid-back “The Bottle and the Bible” from FTRA and the live rendition of “Dooley” from Downtown and Bootlegged. With rumors of a national label release and a number of high-profile festival shows across the U.S. under its belt, the Freight Train Riders are on the brink of becoming nationally known. Catch ’em while you can.