The Moss Brothers

Remember Old Skull, a trio of Wisconsin 9-year-olds who cut some sides for Enigma/Restless back in the late ’80s? The Moss Brothers, a sibling duo from Berkeley who will play Old Ironsides this Saturday, is that group’s current-day analogue. Reuben Moss, a 12-year-old who stands a less-than-imposing 4 feet 6 inches (according to his song “Off the Charts”) writes the songs, sings and plays guitar, and he sounds as if he’s had to fend off a neighborhood gorilla or two. His brother Evan, 15, plays drums, and former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted had something to do with this. Electricitation, the duo’s second CD, lies at the exact midpoint between the Shaggs and King Crimson. While the Moss Brothers’ appeal lies primarily in the novelty of hearing a grade-schooler rant about homework, chores and the pains of growing older in a prog-rock context, Reuben’s definitely on to something—noodly guitar and all.