Jeff Pitcher

Despite accounts to the contrary, Sacramento often seems an artistic wasteland. The lack of subtlety from Joe Average guitar slinger slamming power chords out of Marshall stacks can be astounding. Jeff Pitcher may be the antidote. For the past year, Pitcher has been producing some of the most emotive and artistic music in town. As A Terrible Beauty attests, Pitcher’s music is art. Not artistic or artsy, but art itself. The opening track’s guitars explode from a swirl of violins and cellos, the vocals soar and sweep, the lyrics are that rare combination of convincing emotion and social and political understanding. Fans of the Cure and the Smiths will understand where Pitcher is coming from, but it would be wrong to consider this music retro. Instead, like all great artists, Pitcher looks forward. He’ll soon move to San Francisco, so if you can’t catch one of his live shows, buy this CD.