Tina Smith

As a volunteer for the Sacramento Art Directors & Artists Club, graphic designer Tina Smith uses music to inspire her visual creations. ADAC is a great network tool for local artists and designers, holding various events like the upcoming “Your Future Depends on It,” featuring presentation designer Nancy Duarte of An Inconvenient Truth. The event takes place at Sierra 2 Center on January 8. Visit www.myspace.com/sacadac for more details.

1. “The Heinrich Maneuver”
by Interpol (from Our Love to Admire)

2. “Lake Michigan”
by Rouge Wave (from Asleep at Heaven’s Gate)

3. “You Are Dreaming”
by Shout Out Louds (from Our Ill Wills)

4. “Shadowplay”
by the Killers (from Sawdust)

5. “Burn it All Down”
by VHS or Beta (from Bring on the Comets)