The Whole Ten Yards

Rated 1.0 The nincompoop dentist (Matthew Perry) and retired hit man (Bruce Willis) from 2000’s The Whole Nine Yards are back, along with their wives (Natasha Henstridge and Amanda Peet, respectively), squaring off against the father (Kevin Pollak) of the villain they killed in the first film. Did it really take writer George Gallo and director Howard Deutch four whole years to come up with this? The movie is a plotless, wretched mess that makes no sense whatsoever—not from scene to scene and sometimes not even from shot to shot. Perry flails, Willis glowers, Henstridge preens, and Peet sputters, but these reliable pros are helpless to make the movie work. Pollak is luckier; with an impenetrable cornball accent and under 15 pounds of old-age makeup, he at least can hope to be unrecognized.