Johnson Family Vacation

Rated 2.0 Several laugh-out-loud moments are scattered throughout this otherwise dumb-and-gets-even-dumber African-American road trip. Cedric the Entertainer stars as a wannabe social climber who takes his estranged wife (Vanessa Williams) and kids (including Like Mike’s now not-so-little Lil#&146; Bow Wow) from Los Angeles to Missouri to compete for a “family of the year” trophy usually won by his hyper, slick-talking brother (Steve Harvey). Episodes littering the path to a sack race and a tie-breaking disco-performance showdown involve a sexy hitchhiker with large breasts and an even larger reptile, a hot tub full of fat people, a nude dash through a motel, and a drink receptacle filled with urine. The film is generally good-natured but, overall, not very good.