The show must go on!

Woodland Opera House Theatre

340 Second St.
Woodland, CA 95695

(530) 666-9617

Martha Omiyo Kight, a well-known local actress, is a featured player in the door-slamming production of Noises Off currently running at the Woodland Opera House Theatre (and we’ve heard very good things about the show). Still, since Kight works and lives in Sac, she really needs to be able to get back and forth to Woodland on a regular basis—and often at weird hours when the Yolobus isn’t running. So it was a crisis of theatrical proportions when her car gave its last gasp. It wasn’t playing dead; it needed a couple grand in repairs, cash Kight didn’t have. Enter her actor friends. The local theater community (not generally known for having a bunch of money lying around, especially in these times) coughed up their coffee money and fed it—anonymously—into a PayPal account. The whole escapade was organized on Facebook. Hurrah! The car gets fixed, the show goes on and the actors don’t take a bow—instead, they do it because they love Kight and the theater. So let’s give ’em an anonymous hand, for making sure the show goes on.