The Jack T. Chick Parody Archives

Ever accidentally pick up one of Jack Chick’s palm-sized cartoon Bible tracts? Crudely drawn and stupidly written, they trivialize complex subjects into a neat black-and-white universe where sheep go to heaven and goats go to … well, you know that Cake song. Chick’s comics personify the darker side of fundamentalism—bashing any non-fundie beliefs (Catholics are a favorite whipping post), along with science, gays and anyone who ever had an original thought. The parody archives (click the cartoon devil at the left), however, contain tracts you probably won’t find lying around on bus-station benches, with titles like “God Meat,” “The Holy and the Homo” and “Antlers of the Damned.” If you aren’t offended by, oh, a little blasphemy and a vicious stab at orthodoxy, you may find this stuff devilishly humorous. (To see Chick’s originals, go to