Baxter autopsy points to murder

Like supermarket tabloids, tinfoil-hat Internet sites offer mucho entertainment value while sometimes delivering information that your more mainstream media outlets might conveniently overlook. All it takes to wade through them is a bullshit detector that’s up to snuff. Consider this site, which poses the idea that perhaps this former Enron vice chairman did not die as the result of an apparent suicide, as most of the media reported; perhaps he exited this mortal coil as a direct result of that old “W” word—he got whacked. You can read the 10-page Harris County autopsy report by clicking on thumbnail JPG files, or read nuggets like this one, which ventures to posit why a “ratshot” gun might make for a ludicrous suicide tool: “In the sort of home Baxter was able to afford to live in, one does not go hunting rats with guns loaded with ratshot; one hires an exterminator.” Indeed. Hours of fun!