Smart Voter

Wondering who represents you in the House? Or perhaps you’d like to know who—or what—is on the March 5 ballot, or what the deadline is for registering to vote (it’s Tuesday, February 19), or where you will go to cast your ballot. This handy Web site, which may not win any awards for graphic design, is nevertheless a terrific resource for the curious voter; it’s a service provided by the League of Women Voters/California. One very handy feature is labeled “My Ballot”; it’s a window in which you type in your address and ZIP code, then click on “Go for it!”—which will bring up a customized page with your polling place, along with how your ballot will read. The propositions and ballot measures, along with many of the offices up for vote this election, are hyperlinked to pages that provide more detailed information. (Also, check out the California Voter Foundation’s Web site at