The Internet Treasure Chest

Getting sick has its upside—daytime television. Ergo, during a recent bout with the flu, I got weirdly fascinated by this infomercial, the latest scam from the reptiles behind the Don Lapre slacker’s guide to making money by taking out those little classified ads in the backs of newspapers all over the country. Here’s the skinny on this latest “opportunity”: For $59.95, plus shipping and handling, the Internet Treasure Chest will send you “everything you need” to set up your own Web site (which will look just like every other ITC Web site), through which you can sell consumer junk that ITC will ship from its own warehouse. It’s easy! Just fire up the bong, watch Three Stooges reruns all day and the orders will come rolling in, making you a millionaire overnight! Get in on the ground floor! Don’t wait! (A search on the Web found a few red-light warnings on this scam, so caveat emptor, kids.)