The future is here

Verge Center for the Arts party

Verge Gallery

625 S St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 448-2985

It’s 2012, but on Saturday, the Verge Center for the Arts reaches into the past to celebrate … the future. Confused? Don’t be. “Verge Ahead” is the center’s way to pay tribute to its successes, all while giving due to up-and-coming talents. The featured installation, “Assorted Spaces” is a collaborative effort from Future Art Notables, a local collective featuring Natalie Head, Candice Adams, Heather Crocker, Brandi Scott, Samantha Garcia, Madeline Maxwell and Amanda Cook. Using repurposed fabrics and other assorted odds and ends, the exhibition is intended to evoke “warmth and nostalgia.” But if that’s not enough to make you feel good, there’ll also be deejay dancing as well as food and drink. The $15 admission, conveniently, includes two drink tickets. Saturday, January 21; 6 p.m. to midnight; 625 S Street,