The Evil Queen: A Pornolexicology

Benjamin L. Perez

Sacramento author Benjamin L. Perez has written a book that can only be described as a genre-buster: poetry, prose and a bit of porn. It’s definitely for adults, preferably those with some literary chops. His instructions to readers make clear that it is to be read aloud and savored like “nectar on the tongue, or a cock in the mouth.” That’s a good indication of the wordplay to come, with dollops of traditional, language and prose poetry, as well as some passages that resemble literary word salad with sexual allusions in the place of candied walnuts. Overarching all is a playful sense of humor, which notes that scores of more than 245 on a scale of psychosexual self-evaluation indicate perversion, while lower scores are indicative of repression. Which will we choose?