My Life So Far

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda’s autobiography is brutally honest, sometimes at her own expense. Of her three marriages—to French director Roger Vadim, activist Tom Hayden, and mogul Ted Turner—Hayden comes out the worst, using her financially for his political campaigns, criticizing her, cheating on her and then informing her on her birthday. (Oh, no he didn’t!) Vadim only made her sleep with prostitutes. (Viva la France?) Fonda’s father, screen legend Henry Fonda, is portrayed as cold, harsh, emotionless, and the likely cause of her lifelong troubles with men and her mother’s suicide. Her own career is the dazzling highlight: two Oscars, for Klute and Coming Home, and a return to film in this month’s Monster-in-Law. Welcome back, Jane. You’ve come a long way!