Balancing in High Heels

Eileen Rendahl

Davis author Eileen Rendahl releases another warmly humorous novel in the wake of her 2004 chick-lit debut, Do Me, Do My Roots. Like that book, Balancing in High Heels centers around the lives of women—the lawyer protagonist (sent to anger-management courses after destroying the office fax machine when her husband asked for a divorce) and her sister, mother, best friend and clients. Rendahl has a knack for capturing women’s relationships, and each of her characters is winningly drawn, but keeping their various dramas straight can be a challenge. Add a crime spree by vigilante strippers and a romance with a hunky police officer, and the overstuffed plot occasionally has trouble balancing on its own Manolos. Nonetheless, the story is endearing, and the characters’ limited page time only leaves you wanting more.