That’s My Bush!

Paramount Home Video

Back in early 2001, when all that concerned us about Dubya was his low IQ and a past of cocaine and alcohol abuse, the creators of South Park crafted a sitcom that followed the antics of the First Family. In its eight-episode run, this short-lived spoof skewered both the pre-9/11 government and sitcoms. But, training its sights on the monotony of episodic TV, That’s My Bush! suffers from the same problems it tries to parody. By the fourth episode, for all their dead-on perceptiveness, the jokes already seem familiar. The cast does well, with tongues firmly in cheek, and it would’ve been interesting to see where the series might have gone, but the events of 9/11 just wouldn’t allow it. With satire needed now more than ever, Dubya’s wrapped up in stuff that would stifle even Archie Bunker.