The Weinstein Company

Thanks to shoddy marketing, this gleefully postmodern splatter flick (produced by the Maloof clan, among others) may go down in history as little more than the end result of last season’s Project Greenlight. That’s a damn shame because, despite several amateurish decisions, this early Sam Raimi-influenced flick is one of the most exciting horror films to come from a major studio since the glory days of the ’80s. It’s mayhem all around when a motley crew finds itself barricaded inside a bar for one hellish evening, besieged by vicious, vaguely Pumpkinhead-like monsters. Where else but in a potential cult classic could you find Henry Rollins (as a motivational speaker who utters phrases like “Oh dear!”) and Jason Mewes (inexplicably playing himself) cowering behind the same bar?