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William H. Macy is an old salt at bad David Mamet adaptations after 1994’s lethally boring Oleanna, and he’s easily the best thing about Edmond, adapted from a 1982 Mamet play. Macy plays Edmond, a mild-mannered office drone who abandons the mundane safety of his wife and home to spend a long night haggling with sex workers (including Mena Suvari, Denise Richards, and the ever-gratuitous Bai Ling) in the mean streets of Chicago. Director Stuart Gordon (of Re-Animator fame) shoots the film in the same cruel neon tones as 1992’s sublime Glengarry Glen Ross, but it amounts to little more than wishful thinking. Edmond eventually unleashes his demons in a series of explicitly racist and misogynist monologues and violent acts, presumably in the name of a big statement about racism and misogyny.