South Park—The Hits: Volume 1—Matt and Trey’s Top Ten

If this hilarious box set is any indication, the one thing South Park visionaries Matt Stone and Trey Parker enjoy most is tormenting poor little Leopold “Butters” Stotch. First, Cartman kidnaps him in an effort to take his coveted spot on the journey to Denver’s (sort of) famed Casa Bonita restaurant. Then the harassment continues with Cartman’s AWESOM-O robot suit. Butters further endures parents who try to sell him to Paris Hilton and highly detrimental exposure to the dirtiest porn ever. Finally, in the Butters-bashing pièce de résistance—the amazingly hilarious, anime-influenced “Good Times with Weapons”—the wee hapless tyke falls victim to a misplaced ninja star. To buy this set is to take pleasure in the pain and suffering of an innocent little boy. You know you want to.