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Kyra Sedgwick quietly has grown into one of the more appealing actresses around. At 41, she looks sexier than ever, and always can be counted on to provide a certain emotional ferocity. Loverboy is a veritable Sedgwick showcase—she plays a single mom with a creepy fixation on her only child. Sedgwick’s Emily is so resentful of any intrusion into her mother-son fantasy world that she keeps her boy out of school and eschews all social contact. Adapting a Victoria Redel novel, director Kevin Bacon (who is Sedgwick’s real-life husband and also plays her sleazy father in flashbacks) shows promise as a filmmaker, but he pulls his punches in the end. The cast is filled out with cameos, from the likes of Matt Dillon and Sandra Bullock, but they only distract from Sedgwick’s award-worthy work.