Teutonic tale

Those Germans. They have to be the best at everything. Sudwerk is a perfect example. This ain’t no puny little microbrewery. The brick-laden entrance and dark wood trim of this enormous beer hall across from Cal Expo bespeak grandeur. And the beer? Sudwerk doesn’t mess around. St. Patty’s Day is coming—there’s always been a seemingly odd fermentation between the Germans and the Irish—and no doubt Sudwerk will be preparing a special double brew of Helles, a beverage certain employees refer to as "liquid crack." You’ll want to line your stomach before downing too much of that, and once again, Sudwerk has you covered, serving up some of the best sausage in town, including a lean, meaty chicken bratwurst that, when speared on a fork twirled with fresh, sweet German-style sauerkraut, is simply incredible. OK, the potato pancakes could use a lot more potato and a lot less pancake. But I ain’t complaining, and after a couple of those double brews, you won’t be either.