Tenderly delicious

Beef Roll, Yang’s Noodles

Hands down, Yang’s Noodles in South Sac is hiding the best snack/appetizer ever: The Beef Roll ($9.50), a fatty, salty, crunchy concoction allegedly created in Los Angeles via Taiwanese and Chinese communities. A giant crepe-sized “cong you bing” (scallion pancake), both doughy and crispy like a tasty Chalupa, is fried and layered with tenderly braised sliced beef and generous handfuls of cucumber, scallion and cilantro, then doused in a delicately sweet sauce and rolled up burrito-style. A side of super garlicky Hoisin sauce promises a superior dipping experience. It’s so tasty and filling. I tried to save half for leftovers, but I snuck into the kitchen to devour it later that night. 5860 Stockton Boulevard, yangs-noodles.com.