Whimsical frosty treats

Thai ice cream rolls, 8 Fahrenheit

Half the fun when ordering Thai ice cream rolls from 8 Fahrenheit in Land Park is watching as a creamy, custardy concoction gets poured over a freezing metal slab and manically mashed with fruits and sweets, then masterfully scraped into delicate, edible cylinders. I ordered the Oreo Blast ($7.50) (graham crackers, Oreos, whipped cream, sprinkles). I found each bite to be icicle-cold, but smooth and extra milky. Toppings are playful, if not curious, such as the Matcha Lady ($7.50) (green tea, strawberries) adorned with gummy bears, or the Strawberry ($7.50), touting little flags of marshmallows. One generous size fits all so bring a friend to share in this whimsically frosty treat. 4400 Freeport Boulevard, Suite 150, eat8f.com