Swirls of sweetness

Babka Loaf, Solomon’s Delicatessen

Illustration by Kate Mitrano

Many customers are probably already huge fans of the dense, doughy bagels Solomon’s Delicatessen offers daily. They may be so enamored with the bagels, they’ve missed the quiet, unassuming dessert menu. Well, I’m here to give some love to Solomon’s cinnamon Babka Loaf ($13.99). Delicious strands of sticky cinnamon are swirled into a dry-ish bread just as dense as the bagels. I brought a loaf home and tried it both plain and warmed up with some butter. I’ll admit Babka tastes best (for some reason) when pinched covertly in chunks from its bag, and thrown hastily into one’s mouth as if raiding Grandma’s secret stash of sweets. 500 First Street, Suite 9, in Davis (Sacramento soon), solomonsdelicatessen.com.