Taco simplicity

Carne asada street tacos, Tres Hermanos Taco Truck

I’m blown away by the carne asada street tacos ($1.50) served at the Tres Hermanos Taco Truck. If I find myself near El Camino Avenue, that’s a good enough excuse to grab a few of these lil’ bundles. Sure, you can add cheese, or sour cream or pico to these tacos, but don’t. Eat them unadorned and be amazed. The asada is packed with rich, fatty flavor and scooped onto a plain corn tortilla. That’s it! It’s like Tres Hermanos Marie Kondo’ed all of their tacos, and now they’re the masters of taco minimalism. Nothing but sparks of joy, baby. Southwest corner of El Camino and Howe Avenues.