Taco nostalgia

Original State Fair Taco, California State Fair

Food nostalgia is real. Food, especially comfort food, is often tied to positive memories, which can distort how we recall how things actually tasted. Was that corn dog better in the first grade than as an adult? Anyway, during this year’s State Fair, I kept hearing about the “Original State Fair Taco.” Intrigued, I ordered some to see if indeed they were as tasty as described. Now, I love tacos. I often visit my favorite taco truck on El Camino, post up on my trunk and have parking lot picnics. But these rolled beef tacos ($3.25 each) were comparable to Taco Bell (and I really hate to say that). Very finely ground beef, wilted lettuce and cheese rolled in a soft tortilla. Nothing special. They’re also quite salty. Still, it didn’t stop the consistent line of fairgoers seeking to relive memories and re-taste this popular taco. Near the rodeo and Kids Zone at the California State Fair, 1600 Exposition Boulevard, castatefair.org.