Summer snack

Rainier and bing cherries, J&J Ramos Farms

A Sunday morning ritual for my family is a trip to the farmers market under the overpass on the corner of W and 8th streets. It’s a great way to stock up on fruits and veggies at affordable prices, and to get the feel-good boost from supporting local farmers. Despite the spring’s rain, hail and heatwaves, it’s cherry season! Sweet, golden Rainier cherries and plump, red bing varieties are in abundance. One of the best fruit vendors at the market, J&J Ramos Farms, is always giving out free samples of ripe oranges, nectarines and peaches depending on the season. I picked up a 1-pound bag of mixed cherries for $5, which makes for the perfect snack under a shady tree or a sweet reprieve with fellow coworkers to perk up the work week. W and 8th streets,