Heart healthy tacos

Vegan tacos, Bambi Vegan Tacos

Bambi Vegan Tacos is a Sacramento food truck serving “farm fresh scratch made delicious AF vegan tacos.” These mind-blowing street taco options include “Chorizo” ($6), Baja ($6) and Bambi Deluxe ($6). The Chorizo taco is a zesty combination of cauliflower, harissa slaw, crispy fried potatoes, garlic hot sauce and hunks of pineapple in a flour tortilla. It literally melts in your mouth. As for the Baja, inside its soft shell is cider-battered cauliflower, sweet chipotle slaw, spicy tomatillo-ginger salsa and sliced avocado. The delicious Bambi Deluxe is a fried shell wrapped in a soft tortilla with tender, house-made crimini mushroom beef, refried beans, tangy garlic crema slaw and a dusting of Parmesan. bambivegantacos.com.