Surveillance savvy

No time for recreational people watching? Let information-commerce pros “turn public record into personal knowledge” for you. For as low as $2.95, companies like US Search, Records Registry and Intelius can home in on the object of your privacy invasion. Is she a divorcee? Does she own a boat or plane? Is she a terrorist? Also, if you’re feeling a little self-conscious, you can buy your own information and see how stalkers, employers or governments might perceive you. How do agencies background-check thee? TopTenReviews defines some ways:

FBI—terrorist search
If there is any information in the FBI databases releasable to the public regarding this person, this information will be included in a report.

FAA certifications
This report will relate whether the subject has ever been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

This search option will look at property, phone or other records to find the neighbors who live(d) around the subject’s reported address.

Average income
If tax records are available, then an average income can be calculated and included in the report.

Political-party affiliation
If available, this type of report will include political-party declarations.

Online dating
This service has the ability to perform background/personal checks on dates met online.

Family-tree searches
This search option looks through genealogy databases for information relating to a particular person.

Satellite photos
Some services provide satellite images of a particular property or area.

Surveillance services
For a fee, the service provides resources for surveillance, such as referrals to private investigators in your area or surveillance equipment that can be purchased.

Pre-employment self-screen
Through this service, you can run a check on yourself to see what kind of information a potential employer may be able to access.