Candidate trick-or-treat

Photo By Larry Dalton

We hit up local campaign headquarters, from a Democrat’s office on the sunny streets of historic Roseville to a Midtown lobby where we “buzzed” to reach Republicans, a seemingly secret mailing center on Broadway whose clerk could only tell us that several Green Party candidates received mail there and a Peace and Freedom Party residence near Freeport Boulevard with wind chimes and a cat sitting under a car—all to see which candidates are giving out the best stuff this election year. In overwhelming fashion, the Dems swept each award for SN&R’s first-ever Campaign Swag Competition:

Most Stuff:
Buttons, bumper stickers, decals, pins, thunder sticks, signs and a T-shirt
John Garamendi for lieutenant governor

Most Creative:
CD with a somber war song written by the candidate
Bill Durston for U.S. representative, 3rd District

Most Confident or Conceited
(depends on if you’re a Dem):
Stickers that say “Dianne 2006” and assume you know the rest
Dianne Feinstein for senator

Most Practical:
California road map customized with candidate decal and breath mints in colorful, customized cases
Bill Lockyer for treasurer

Cheapest Shot:
Button with a cartoon President Bush wearing a bright green blazer and “Dubya” pin. His bottom half is in flames, and the text teases, “Liar, liar pants on fire.” For sale at the Democratic Headquarters in Fair Oaks.