They think of everything

Photo Illustration by David Jayne

Sacramento County Code dictates the nitty-gritty no-nos of the local land. From laws on “pear blight” to “junk tire storage” and “house numbers on curbs,” the board of supervisors adopts ordinances tailored to Sacramento’s prohibitive needs. Examine these excerpts from the “public peace, morals and safety” section and see if you think supervisors’ specificity is appropriate or excessive.

Chapter 9.48 Topless Waitresses

Every female is guilty of a misdemeanor who while serving food or drink to any customer: Exposes either breast below a straight line so drawn that both nipples and all portions of both breasts which have a different pigmentation than that of the main portion are below such straight line.

Chapter 9.82 Loitering

No person shall loiter in such a manner as to: Create any disturbance or annoyance to the comfort and repose of any person.

Chapter 9.24 Crime Comic Books

There is a clear and present danger which the Board of Supervisors finds the continued sale of crime “comic” books to children will incite the children to commit crimes or attempt to commit crimes and inculcate a preference in the hands of many of the children to participate in crime.

Chapter 9.94 Unauthorized Use of Towers

It shall be unlawful for any person to parachute, jump, sail or otherwise float off any tower for the purposes of parachuting, jumping, sailing or otherwise floating to the earth below.

Chapter 9.04 Desecration of Cemeteries

No person shall cut, break, pluck, remove or in any manner destroy or injure any tree, shrub, plant or flower, or destroy, injure or molest any bird, or any bird’s nest or any bird’s eggs within the boundaries of any cemetery.