Support Harvey Milk Day

Harvey Milk, duh.

Harvey Milk, duh.

Compiled from Kel's Hot Flash.

The Randy Thomasson full-employment program … oops, I mean, the Campaign for Children and Families has a new effort underway. They’re asking parents to call local school boards and schools and tell them to reject Harvey Milk Day, recently enacted by the state Legislature.

Now, all the legislation does is to call for an age-appropriate discussion of the slain GLBT-rights leader’s accomplishments.

It’s not an “official” holiday, like, oh, say, Christmas, which is only celebrated by a particular religious group. And it is in honor of a California elected official who was murdered for his commitment to equality. We wouldn’t want kids knowing too much about that, would we?

Mostly, it’s a fundraising shtick. Almost everything is. But hey, how about we turn their call to action on its ear and call local school boards to support Harvey Milk Day? Maybe offer the school some goodies they can use—supplies like construction paper, crepe paper, glue, ribbons, glitter—all that lovely stuff that makes life beautiful when you’re allowed to be who you are.