Fixie law should be fixed

Compiled from Sac for Tourists.

Sacramento blog Locked Cog did a post on the fixed-gear controversy (“Braking the Law” by Nick Miller, SN&R Arts&Culture, October 22). One of the comments pointed out that Washington, D.C.’s law has been adapted to accommodate fixed-gear cyclists:

“1204.1. Each bicycle shall be equipped with a brake which enables the operator to cause the braked wheels to skid on dry, level, clean pavement; provided, that a fixed gear bicycle is not required to have a separate brake, but an operator of a fixed gear bicycle shall be able to stop the bicycle using the pedals.”

I’d like to see this in Sac, and it would be neat to have a coalition approach Midtown and downtown’s city council members in an effort to adopt a similar rule. Then the cops would have the time to go after all those sidewalk riders, people going the wrong way on one-ways and running red lights.