Sugary secrets

Even a pastry chef who serves up treats like crème brûlée napoleon likes a candy bar now and again. I asked Melissa Cherry, new pastry chef at Hawks, about her junk-food weaknesses:

“It’s scary … but my favorite candy in the world [is] Snickers. I just can’t seem to resist the rich chocolate, sweet gooey caramel, not to mention the creamy nougat. And the peanuts. Who can resist that?

“I am such a chocoholic. There’s a chocolate shop in St. Helena [Calif.] called Woodhouse. They have an Italian cherry chocolate truffle and it is absolutely to die for.

“I love candy—it’s definitely my weakness. I love to eat it, and I also love making it. I always have candy in my house. Sad, huh? I don’t get to travel much anymore, but when I do, I always make sure I hit a couple of chocolate shops just to satisfy my cravings.”