Overdose on Rachael Ray

Local blogger Madeline Miller writes Everything Rachael Ray (http://rachaelrayblog.blogspot.com). I asked Miller where the celeb should go if she covered our fair city: “Luckily, Rachael’s new travel show doesn’t have a budget restriction! For breakfast, I’d send Rachael to Cafe Bernardo, with its fun neighborhood feel and nonfussy food.

“Since she is the self-proclaimed Queen of Burgers, for lunch I would tell Rachael to enjoy a French burger at the quirky Nationwide [Freezer] Meats (she loves a good hole in the wall).

“Rachael has been focusing on local, organic food lately, so for dinner she would love Paul Martin’s American Bistro in Roseville.

“I have a feeling Rachael might like to get her drink on, so I’d recommend that she end her night by heading down the street from Paul Martin’s to Crush 29 to try their sweet jalapeño martini.”