State Cap. mix tape release

Bus stop emcees.

Bus stop emcees.

Photo By Jose Valdivia Photography

Don’t miss State Cap.'s Where Is State Cap.? mix-tape release party on Saturday, August 23, at Javalounge, 2416 16th Street; $6. All ages, free CD included in cover charge.

You can’t go wrong with lines like: “I slowed it down like Cuba Gooding did in Radio, fam,” but State Cap.’s latest mix tape Where is State Cap.? isn’t all fun and games; there’s poetic insight, there’s struggle and there’s serious passion for life and the culture it holds.

DJ Flow (who mixed the living shit out of this CD) shows a flair for old-school hip-hop arrangement and a knack for creating a seamless journey from point A to point B. And what a journey it is; guided by emcees Bosse, A.V., C Plus and Hanlin, the listener learns a lot in 22 songs about this personality-driven group.

There are no run-of-the mill raps nor are there dragging beats on this effort; plus, Where is State Cap.? introduces us to Uptown Swuite (on “In Due Time”), an emcee with a clean flow that reeks of stardom. Again, the Neighborhood Watch crew shows us who’s putting in work for the city’s growing hip-hop résumé.