‘My love for you is ticking clock’

You’ve got two Oakland options this Tuesday night: Shut yourself in and watch the Athletics get pawned by the Minnesota Twins (they’re in the Metrodome, c’mon), or head over to the Blue Lamp and catch Oakland metal outfit Saviours kill it. I’m a die-hard A’s fan, but, that said, I recommend the latter; A’s baseball will be bearable again in 2010 (I hope). And even if the A’s were in contention, Saviours is a band you shouldn’t miss: classic metal, complete with awe-inspiring intro riffage and stoic, otherworldly lyrics—the kind of metal Olaf from Clerks no doubt would rock outside the convenience store. Iguanadon will open, the cover’s only $8 in advance and, well, what else are you going to do on a Tuesday? It’s not like the A’s are going to score any runs, anyway.