Musique, unfettered

Fete de la Musique

In France, Fête de la Musique’s a week-long concert. Musicians gig streets, bars, cafes, alleyways, chez ta mère (vraiment!). It’s madness. There are no public-music permits or zoning (read: bullshit), just good old-fashioned live music. In Sacramento, the “fête” is a one-day-only affair (June 21, World Music Day), and there are rules (lame), but that doesn&Rsquo;t mean local artists have to keel over and take it from the man. Sure, get a permit if you’re gonna amplify your sound. But if you’re going acoustic, just grab a guitar/triangle/sauce pan and hit the streets on Saturday. You won&Rsquo;t be alone; so far, hundreds of local acts are scheduled to play Midtown/downtown street corners (according to my remedial math there are nearly 700 of these, so there’s room for your scrappy band, too). R5 Records and the Pyrate Punx have a nice event planned (, and you can learn all you need to savoir at