Tunes For Trees

Bottom Dwellers.

Bottom Dwellers.

Woodland Tree Foundation, that is.

They love the living hell out of trees, which is totally justifiable. After all, trees moderate the Earth’s climate, improve air quality, conserve water and harbor wildlife (yes, birds and squirrels, that means you). Not to mention, you can use tree trunks to carve the initials of your loved one into, to pee on when wasted, to take fruit from and also to hide from cops, which really comes in handy, especially in Woodland. Just kidding, Woodland, it’s all love.

Well, to keep the trees planted, healthy and happy, the WTF put together a fund-raiser called Tunes For Trees: Rock & Roots Music Showcase. Rock & Roots: It’s clever, you know, cuz it’s trees and …

Let’s start over.

The concert to benefit the nonprofit, all-volunteer, tree-hugging organization will feature Woodland singer-songwriter Thomas Cunningham, Sacramento’s own sweetheart Justin Farren, Sammie-winning Bottom Dwellers and the genre-bending West Nile Ramblers.

It’s a solid night of Americana, bluegrass, country and bluesy music for a cause that aims to reduce greenhouse emissions, make the world beautiful and ease the planet of its extra-large carbon footprints that only serve to push its date of explosion to the forefront. And we don&Rsquo;t want our delicate Earth to explode, do we?

Please, don&Rsquo;t answer that.

This eco-friendly event takes place at Woodland’s own historic opera house, which—in its aged beauty and cultural value alone—warrants the price of a ticket. Funds raised will be used to plant more shade trees in downtown Woodland (they’ve already planted 1,600!).

Go for the music and stay for the trees.