Not quite yacht rock

Boats! with the Secretions and Ashtray

Boats! may be a local Oi!-free punk trio on the pop side of the fence, but their riffage skews streetside—gritty guitars slash like tinfoil cuts; lyrics hinge on working-class tomfoolery. Their best asset, however, is their tempo: two-minute songs that don&Rsquo;t belabor things, two-riff ditties with smart bass lines and no-frills-just-fills drums. The Boats! boys—David “The Lover” on bass, Jeff “Doids” on drums, Matt “The Fucker” on guitar—leave on tour the first week of June and won&Rsquo;t return to Sac until August. Bon voyage, indeed. Fortunately you still can catch them at the Javalounge this Saturday.