Dead Western, Northwestern

Parenthetical Girls, Dead Western, Pwrfl Power and Au

When you hear a name like Dead Western, you want to think “country” or “folk,” and yes, there’s some of the latter in the music. But the warbling baritone vocals are far to the left of your typical twang singer’s pipes. Love it or misunderstand it, you can figure it out for yourself when Dead Western shares a Northwest-heavy bill with Seattle’s Pwrfl Power (sounds like: super minimalist singer-songwriterism), Portland, Oregon&Rsquo;s Au (sounds like: a dreamier, more intentionally carnival version of the Animal Collective) and Everett, Washington&Rsquo;s Parenthetical Girls (sounds like: indie-pop music you’ve heard before, but lead singer Zac Pennington commands the room with the charisma and reedlike limbs of a wiry professor). Su 5/25, 8 p.m. The Firehouse, UC Davis; 1 Shields Avenue.