Squeeze play

First the bad news: Ken and Ruth Noblett, owners and operators of Sacramento’s famous Squeeze Inn for the past 19 years, have decided to retire and move to "the show-me state." All Ken and Ruth did during their tenure was create the Squeezeburger, a hearty beef patty slammed between two slices of grilled bun, smothered with all the fixings and so much cheese that the stuff melts and fries into a crispy, hard slab on the grill, pushing this 6-inch-thick hunk of hamburger heaven into the ranks of Sacramento’s best burgers. Now the good news: Greg Svoboda, who’s been the head cook at Squeeze Inn for the past 15 years, and partner Travis Hausauer have teamed up to buy the place, assuring that Sacramento’s supply of chicken tacos, mad dog chili with laser beans, and, of course, Squeezeburgers, will continue uninterrupted. If you haven’t been to the Squeeze yet and you’re not afraid of a little harmless fat and cholesterol, time’s a-wasting.