Sister, sister, sister

Generally, this space is reserved for making nicey-nice, so let’s get that out of the way first. I like this place. This terra cotta faux-adobe castle serving clean, gourmet-quality Mexican cuisine is just what East Sac needed. The Sisters have their own subtle style, which seems to emphasize cilantro and other herbs and spices more than the traditional chilies. The quality of the ingredients, the strips of broiled steak in the burritos, the chunks of white meat in the tacos and the delightfully light black or pinto beans and rice served with them, are first-rate. However: Sometimes the restaurant’s subtleties border on blandness, causing the diner to saturate, say, a tasteless cod taco with the salsa provided with the excellent chips. But cost is my major issue. Seven or eight bucks for a lunch plate (there are no lower-priced items on the menu) is a bit much for a place that’s just slightly out of the way. Bring ’em down, and they will come.