Food and finery

Looking for a place to pick up that electric fly swatter, miniature ceramic rabbit with glazed-on leopard spots and a decent pastrami sandwich? Well, William Glen isn’t just the place to fill such an order, it’s the only place. The locally owned and operated high-end houseware store has a fairly upscale deli and café in the back, the perfect place to ruminate about whether your daughter really needs that silver-plated pastry knife. There’s a full selection of salads, daily specials including stew, quiche and pizza, and a full array of sandwiches, from grilled chicken breast and focaccia to classic roast beef, ham, pastrami, salami, smoked turkey or liverwurst numbers you design yourself. Desserts have been placed in the capable ovens of the Freeport Bakery; on my recent visit, I sampled an apple spice cake frosted with maple icing that must have been a half-inch thick. Scrumpdillyicious. Nixed the pastry knife, but I can always go back.