Uni mas!

I’ve always heard great things about Mikuni, the sushi joint located in Fair Oaks near the corner of Hazel Avenue and Winding Way, but the opportunity to actually be in the vicinity accompanied by someone willing to pay the bill had never presented itself until recently. Ever heard the saying that first impressions are the most important? Well, the folks at Mikuni have, and they wasted no time setting us up with bowls of hot miso soup. Impressive, and not something you see in every Sacramento sushi house. They were out of uni, so I selected lunch box No. 7, which contained a good sampling of tempura, a croquette (deep-fried mashed potato and vegetables) and ruby raw chunks of maguro (tuna). First-rate ingredients all, but I expected a little more sashimi than the four thin slices I was served. "Best sushi in Sacramento," my lunch companion assured me, and he got no quibble from me. After all, he was paying.