Dim sum nice buns

They say you can gauge the quality of a Chinese restaurant by the number of Asians who frequent it. And if that’s the case, Holiday Villa, located behind the Bel Air shopping center at Florin and I-5, must be pretty good indeed. The place is packed during the weekday lunch hour, and while most of the patrons are Asian, more than a few non-Asians who work in the area have discovered that Holiday Villa is the perfect place for hit-and-run dining and dim sum. On my recent visit, I sampled succulent shrimp balls rolled in deep-fried noodles; salty chicken feet (along with the ankles) that were first fried, then steamed with slices of hot chili; shrimp/pork balls that were suspiciously pink in the middle, and puffy white steamed buns filled with sweet bean curd that looked (and perhaps tasted?) like the French idealization of the perfect female breast. Make sure to bring a crowd with you, as dim sum items come three to a plate, and you’ll never be able to eat all of them yourself.